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About the artist [RTBJ]

Born January 29th, 1991 in Northern California, Romin Bryant-Johnson began pursuing his art career at the young age of 2 years old. With the help of his family and others in the art community, he was able to create art that made many supportive of his art career. From childhood, he was able to document his progress as an artist. Romin’s work dates back to 1992 notably between ages 8 and 9 his creativity sparked. 


Romin had his first solo show at the Rockridge Library in Oakland, CA that consisted of mostly paintings and clay sculptures. In 5th grade, he participated in his second solo show at the Mojo Cafe in downtown Oakland, which mainly focused on his progression of clay sculptures. During that same year accomplishing his first-ever bronzed piece which was poured at the Artworks Foundry in Berkeley, CA.  Throughout middle school and college, Romin worked on his craft while participating in different art events, and elevating his work to higher levels. Starting off with clay sculptures and abstract paintings, evolving into cutting hair, painting shirt designs, keeping a sketchbook, tattooing, spray painting, painting murals, and painting real-life portraits.


In college, while getting his AA, Romin mainly studied all eras of art history. In 2017 Romin and a group of other artists got together to start an art collective called “Life's Illustrations” where they host art shows that specialize in creating a bigger platform to help showcase local artists of all forms. Romin has also donated time to teaching art to kids in elementary school, being featured in the Mac Dre tribute art shows, participating in multiple Trap Art shows based in the bay area. 


Romins biggest influences in art come from artists such as Basquiat, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and Chuck Close. his more personal influences come from his grandfather John "Papa John" Bryant, grandmother Evan Jones, Etiwanda Highschool art teacher Alexander Couwenberg, and of course his parents. 

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